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Choose any name, event or date you'd like. Three lengths are available: 47 inch beachfire, 30 inch fireplace, 16 inch hibachi.

The MarshmallowChefStick invention story is in this book! Page 108
  Gadget Nation: A Journey Through the Eccentric World of Invention.
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47 inch = $24.95 ea.
30 inch = $19.95 ea.
16 inch = $14.95 ea.
* non-personalized prices *
Personalized? Add $6 ea.

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Marshmallow Chef Sticks – Use again and again!cooking marshmallows in a chimanea, beach fire and fireplace
Marshmallow Chef Sticks - Use anywhere, anytime - Sledding, Outdoor fireplace, firepit, beachfire, bonfire, fireplace

NOW is the time! How do you end a delicious dinner or barbecue at home, beach or the campground? With toasted marshmallows, of course. And we've got just what you need to toast marshmallows to gooey perfection Marshmallow Chef Sticks!

What better way to settle into a movie, barbecue or romantic evening than to roast marshmallows with friends? Beach parties, bonfires and toasted marshmallows! Roasted marshmallows taste great all year long. They are a perfect treat while enjoying any activity around a fire. And, if you're adventurous, we've collected many marshmallow recipes for you to prepare yourself! It's almost as easy as baking a cake!

Happy customers having fun eating marshmallows.
FUN! The perfect gift for the person who has everything and loves roasted marshmallows, or simply loves to cook them for others! Your children or your client's children will love them too. Order your personalized set of marshmallow sticks today. Use them again and again for years; they are not meant to be thrown away.

TRY THIS! Once perfectly browned, allow the marshmallow to sit on the tip for 15 seconds or so. It cools down a bit and slides off the stick even easier.

Marshmallow Chef Sticks can be used YEAR ROUND and makes it easy to roast marshmallows at a beach fire, camp fire, fireplace, firepit, grill, chimanea, or whereever you have hot coals. They rest in your hands, on a rock or on a lower corner edge, so you can gently roll the marshmallow stick and marshmallow over the coals at a consistent placement and height for that PERFECT, evenly cooked, treat. And you can eat them right off the stick, which kids love!

MarshmallowChefSticks Stick Hanger Marshmallow Sticks Hanger - Holds 10 easily; but customizable to whatever number you are buying. For the organized person, this is what you need.


Three sizes to choose from. Mix it up if you want.
Note: Two marshmallow sticks are shown side-by-side in the image below for comparison of lengths. Prices shown are for EACH individually hand-made marshmallow roasting stick.
Price displayed
is for each
marshmallow stick
(Personalization is $6 each)
  • 47 inch size .... $24.95 ea.
  • 30 inch size .... $19.95 ea.
  • 16 inch size .... $14.95 ea.
  • Hanger ........... $15.00 ea.
  • Personalize ..... $6.00 ea.

Marshmallow Chef Sticks 47 inch, 30 inch and 16 inch sizes. Shown here in groups of two. Prices are per stick.

Choose from three sizes; 47 inches, 30 inches (most popular) and 16 inches. The 16 inch "Mini" version is for table top hibachi grill use and travels easily. All lengths are comfortable to use with the longest 47" perfect for beach fires and fire pits! It's the most versatile size. Better control of the marshmallow gives you better control over the degree of doneness – light, golden brown or crispy black... Designed to be twirled between your fingers like spinning spaghetti on a fork... You'll appreciate the quality of the Marshmallow Chef Stick for roasting marshmallows – you'll never use a dirty, bent twig again. These won't flip and flop around! No need to damage trees and no need to whittle with a knife.

Each Marshmallow Chef Stick is hand-crafted here in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., one at a time out of nearly 3/4 inch hardwood (high quality maple) and hand-sanded twice for a smooth finish and for years of marshmallow roasting enjoyment. The cooking area is about 5/16" in diameter and 2-3 inches long to hold onto one, two or THREE marshmallows. The marshmallow will brown long before the stick can burn. Blunt tips for added safety. Compare that to a metal product. Simply rotate the marshmallow stick. No batteries – No extra costs – No worries! Simple. Unique. Perfect!

Don't use it as a fire poker or walking stick and your stick should last for years! But if your tip ever needs to be "fixed" contact us.

People toasting marshmallows at a beach fire. Various lengths. Get yours personalized.
Give 'em a try. Get them PERSONALIZED with your name, nick name, family name or almost anything you want for a few dollars more; Use your imagination. We can offer suggestions if asked. Folks love 'em and they are a fun gift to give and receive for ANY occasion. They'll draw a smile and a conversation every time. For best control, roast over hot coals vs. roasting on a direct flame. Cleanup with water and let dry. SIMPLE!

Order a marshmallow stick for each family member plus extras for "Guests" so everyone can join in the fun.

Order now and we'll include two of our favorite family S'morz recipes -- one that uses peanut butter cups!

Handcrafted in the U.S.A. The phrase "MarshmallowChefSticks™" is trademarked.

1Personalization is available!
Personalize each stick to make it your own! The price is $6.00 per stick. Your personalized name will look like the style in the image below and will be CENTERED on the stick away from the heat (and not near the tip as shown below only for illustrative purposes).
Personalized MarshmallowChefStick imageClose up of personalized name

Toast the perfect marshmallow with a personalized stick you can use over and over again.

Quick tip
Push THREE marshmallows on the stick and cook together!
1. Prevents tip from charring
2. Get ready for three tasty treats at once. Perfect for making a lot of S'mores.

Make your own marshmallows
Check out these two page links of marshmallow recipes and more marshmallow recipes that one of my customers (Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow - CEO of Romantic Times Book Reviews) gathered from the net over the years. Pretty cool! Try making your own marshmallows. Yes, they are cheap to buy, but homemade are more fun!

Not a cook? Want to buy professionally homemade? Search on the phrase "gourmet marshmallows." Now that's easy.

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Or call us at 1-215-738-7074 and mention "Marshmallow Sticks" when you call!
Thank you for your interest!
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